Tuesday, 25 February 2014

URGENT: CMA to Begin Major Consultation on End of Life Care

-Larry Worthen, Executive Director CMDS

The CMA has started a major consultation with CMA members and the general public on end of life care. This includes euthanasia, advanced directives and palliative care. 

This is a signal that we are now in an all Canada debate over whether or not euthanasia should be legalized. The time has come to make our voices heard to protect human life. If we miss this chance it may be too late.  

We strongly recommend that all CMDS members participate in this process by:

If you are a member of the CMA: 

- logging in to https://cmadialogue.ca and registering to be part of the discussion - right away 
- continuing to participate in the discussion to make your views known throughout 
- attending the town halls and breakfast meetings scheduled by the CMA throughout the country for your input 

If you are not a member of the CMA:

- attending the town halls scheduled by the CMA throughout the country for your input 
- making your opinions known to the CMA via correspondence 

All of this input will be taken to the August 2014 meeting of the CMA. It is important that CMDS members get involved with the provincial associations in a formal capacity because only delegates will be able to speak and vote at the August meeting. 

Public meetings and breakfasts are scheduled throughout the country. 

Vancouver (March 24)
Whitehorse (April 16)
Regina (May 7)
Mississauga, Ont. (May 27)
Members in those areas should start now advising their church contacts, friends and family about the need to come out to these sessions. 

IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT WE ALL GET INVOLVED.  The experience of being in Quebec two weeks ago at Mc Gill was very disturbing. The proposed legislation requires that all physicians be involved by participating in referrals, and no institutions - hospitals, nursing homes or even hospices are exempt. Our members are concerned that it will be very difficult to practice in Quebec as a Christian physician. The can spread throughout Canada unless we act now to respond. 

Let's all pray together that this will NOT become legal in our country. 

God bless you 

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