Wednesday, 17 September 2014

CMDS welcomes our new Associate Staff member in Ottawa!

CMDS Canada is pleased to announce that Ben Jolliffe has accepted the position of Associate staff for CMDS in Ottawa.

Ben is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church and is eager to get started in serving the CMDS group at University of Ottawa. He has a background in campus ministry and a distinct interest in helping people integrate their faith and vocation.

If you would like more information about CMDS at the University of Ottawa, please contact Ben Jolliffe at:

Monday, 8 September 2014

Welcome to our new Associate Staff!

CMDS Canada is pleased to announce that Jon Dykeman has accepted the position of Associate staff for CMDS at the University of Toronto.

Jon is currently a part-time youth pastor at Christ Church St. James in Etobicoke. This role has included ministering to youth and young adults in the parish aged 12 - 35. He leads weekly devotionals and bible studies, preaches, organizes special events and retreats and provides pastoral care to individuals. He recently completed his last course in his MDiv from Wycliffe College in "Pioneering Ministries" - which  provided an emphasis on mission and evangelization. Jon also holds a BA in religious studies from Memorial University in St. John's. He has had a lot of experience in youth work, dating back to his undergraduate years.

Jon has a great interest in supporting medical and dental students in the integration of their Christian faith and medical training and practice.

Jon will be available for the Sept 9th meeting with students and will be able to attend our three day conference for Associate Staff across the country on October 14-16th in Toronto.

CMDS would ask that student leaders to get in touch with Jon right away to get him involved with the exciting activities you have in mind. Email him here.