Friday, 31 July 2015

The Value of Fellowship

- Stephanie Potter

Across the country CMDS members have been coming together to discuss how the current changes to  federal law and college policy affects their practice and their ability to act according to their conscience. While these are difficult circumstances, it is hard to ignore the many positives these meetings are bringing to our members. It is easy to get lost in the worries and cares of our day to day lives. It is easy to become isolated in our concerns and forget to reach out and find a community of like-minded individuals with whom we can find fellowship and support.

At one of the local CMDS meetings this week, we had the privilege of having Doctors and allies come in person to share a meal. Each of us shared a short witness of our life and faith journey over a delicious meal lovingly prepared by our hostess. We were encouraged to share about the moment of our conversion, jokingly nicknamed our "TSN Turning Point", when we fully gave our hearts to God. Each story was similar and yet unique. For one married couple and their son, the stories intertwined in a beautiful tapestry, showing clearly the glory of God's plans. It was an evening of powerful re-affirmation of our faith and our mission to be Christ to one another and the world.

After our meal we had a lively and insightful discussion about current events and had the pleasure of being joined via FaceTime and telephone by two Doctors who couldn't join us in person from our Province. It was wonderful how technology had increased our little community so that we could share in fellowship and discussion with them. At the end of our chat, one of the Doctors remarked that she had missed the community she had felt in her med school days through her CMDS chapter. Our meeting had given us a chance to make an important contact with her and plans were made for visits, meals shared, and continued contact. 

If we accomplish nothing else in these days, there is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has been with us in our communities across Canada. We are reminded again the value of fellowship. The early Church was built up of small communities dedicated to encouraging one another, sharing a meal, and praising all that God had done for them. Let us remember to reach out to our brothers and sisters to draw them into our company to reflect on Christ's promise: "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." (Matt 18:20)

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